Date: 11/23/21

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To begin, since last update I’ve put up two posts. The first is of Natalie having a sleepover with a friend (I wanted to give her friends). I spent a long time trying to edit these ones, but I don’t think they turned out quite as realistic as the last set. I think I need to screen record some more videos of Natalie moving her face because she’s running out of expressions. Here’s the post:

I tagged the post as taking place in Georgetown, DC, and the official Georgetown, DC Instagram account liked it, which I thought was really funny. I hashtagged it #Model, #Sleepover, #Virtual, #Pizza, #Bestfriends, #BFF, all capitalized for accessibility purposes, and I also included alt text on the images.

The second post doesn’t actually feature Natalie’s face because I thought it’d be interesting to give her– a virtual person– her own virtual self. I also thought it would potentially help her to reach a new audience if I made the post video game-themed, so I took screenshots of “Natalie’s” Animal Crossing character and captioned it, “Aaand here’s what I’ve been up to all weekend🥰” in hopes of making her appear relatable.

While this one only has two likes, that’s the most of any of her posts so far. I assume this is because of the hashtags I added: #ACNH, #AnimalCrossing, #Gaming, #NintendoSwitch.

For the next post, I hope to feature Natalie’s face again in a set of Thanksgiving photos. I am slightly behind on my posting schedule, but if I can manage to get three in this week, I’ll be in good shape. I’d also like to visit the Digital Knowledge Center on campus sometime to see if I can get advice on how to increase her social media following. My first thought is to join the Virtual Influencer Facebook group, but besides that I’m not quite sure where to go yet.

Until next update!

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