Date: 11/15/21

Followers: 1 (me)

@Buggz_kono is live! At this point I’ve created the Instagram account, added a profile photo, and posted the first set of images. Here’s what’s up so far:

Natalie poses against a white wall with her hands behind her head and her elbows out on either side. Her face is in the middle-top of the picture and her eyes are looking up and to the right. She has blonde hair and is wearing a black turtleneck sweater. The caption reads, "a good day for a photoshoot".
Natalie poses against a white wall with one hand over her head and the other resting on her chest. Her head is in the right-middle of the picture and she is looking past the camera to the left. She has blonde hair and is wearing a black turtleneck sweater. The caption reads, "a good day for a photoshoot".

Rather than posing the model like I had originally planned, I edited these images together because Quixel Bridge had trouble exporting to Maya. The base for these images are from a series by Jonaorle on Pexels, which are free to use. In order to isolate Natalie’s face, I removed her hair in MetaHuman Creator and took screen caps of her face at different angles and making different expressions. I used the Procreate drawing app on my iPad to replace the model’s face with Natalie’s in each of these pictures using masking, blending, shading, and color correction in order to make her look as realistic as possible. I looked at Lil’ Miquela’s instagram account for caption inspiration, I added the hashtags #Model, #Virtual, #Fashion, and #StyleInspo (capitalized for accessibility), and included descriptive alt text on each image.

So far, I am @buggz_kono’s only follower. I don’t expect a ton at this point because this is her first post, but I know I will have to do a bit more research on hashtags in order to increase her reach. I want people who I don’t know to follow her, and I hope to receive some sort of engagement by the time this project is over. I don’t have much experience in social media, so I plan to talk to other students who may have tips on how to boost Natalie’s following.

Next, I’m most interested in looking into creating AR filters and deepfakes in order to see how I can apply them to this project.

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