Date: 11/9/21

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For my big project for DGST 395, I’ve decided to create a virtual influencer in order to see if just anyone can make one. I am also curious as to whether the fact that they are digital has any effect on their engagement. These past couple weeks I have been extremely busy, but I’ve been working where I can; in doing so, I’ve made the first iteration of my character model, planned some posts, and have done some troubleshooting.

One of my favorite discoveries so far has been Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Creator, which is a web-app that provides models and assets for creating incredibly realistic-looking virtual people. It’s still in Alpha, but it’s very simple to sign up for and still has quite a few options available. Here is Alyssa, my first MetaHuman, who I made to test the program:

A couple of weeks later, I sat down to create the first draft of my Influencer. I’m calling her Natalie Kono and her username is @buggz.kono. Here’s what I came up with:

My goal is to make her relatable to a college audience, so she’ll be interested in things like playing Animal Crossing in bed and going on day trips. I hope to have six posts by the end of the semester. Here‘s the posting schedule I came up with.

My next steps are to pose her for the photos, so I’ve been working on downloading Maya and Quixel Bridge and troubleshooting the model’s export. I can’t say I have no experience in 3D Modeling, as I am somewhat proficient in Vectorworks, but I’ve never done any character modeling before. Because of that, if I try it and it doesn’t work out, I plan to screenshot her face and Photoshop it onto royalty-free photos of people. We’ll see where this goes!

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